The Education Programme (Age 11-18)

With the generous support of Ipswich’s business community and using our links within the creative industries, we will give young people the chance to engage with a variety of employment sectors 

A group of students sat at tables work on sketches

Our Wolsey’s Window on the Workplace’ experiences will offer a behind-the-scenes look at careers with an emphasis on those less familiar or associated with a particular sector. Think: Social Media Manager at a dance organisation, or a Community Partnerships Producer in a theatre-based setting. Existing career hubs have acknowledged the underrepresentation of work-based opportunities in the arts and creative industries. We aim to shine a light on these industries.Through informal chats, skills workshops and work-place visits, participants will benefit by exploring a broader range of career options and feeling empowered to professionally pursue their passions and interests.  

“I think its going to be a great experience working in a team and working with someone established in the industry- that’s a really cool thing. I think it really helps your aspirations to see that people can do what you want to do and that they make a living out of it. I’m really interested in becoming a freelance artist and taking this into a business format, so hoping to get some tips.” 

– Nikki (18), a Foundation Art and Design student at Suffolk One, shares her thoughts on co-creating a mural with illustrator Joel Millerchip. 

A young person with blond hair, holds a phone to an upstairs window to film students below.

The Thomas Wolsey 550 project

We’re also working with other locations across the UK connected with Wolsey’s life and extraordinary achievements such as Oxford, York and Leicester, to deliver online schools education packs – for more information about how your school can participate in the Thomas Wolsey 550 project.
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